Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Transfer/posting in HAG/SAG of the IPoS, Group "A" in Delhi Circle

Orders of the Competent Authority are hereby conveyed for transfers/postings of the following HAG/SAG officers of the IPoS, Group "A" until orders:
1. Shri Vasumitra (IPoS-1984), CPMG, Delhi Circle, New Delhi is posted as CPMG, Bihar Circle, Patna vice Shri A. S. Prasad retiring on 31.01.2016.
2. Shri L. N. Sharma (IPoS-1987), DDG (FS), Postal Directorate is posted as CPMG, Delhi Circle, New Delhi against the downgraded post and vice Sh. Vasumitra transferred.
Sh. L. N. Sharma would continue to look after the work of DDG (FS) until further orders.

Authority : Postal Dte. Order No. 1-2/2015-SPG dated 06.01.2016

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