Monday, 26 September 2016


The competent authority has ordered the following transfer and posting in ASP/ IP cadre with immediate effect in the interest of service:-

1. Sh. Lalit Kumar, ASP (INV), CO (Designate) is posted as ASP(PMU), CO against vacant post.
2. Sh. Dinesh, ASP(HQ) Delhi East Dn. (Designate) is retained as ASP(INV) ,CO.
3. Ms Rekha Vedwal , ASP,2nd Sub Dn, Delhi North posted as  ASP(HQ), ND South West Dn against vacant post.
4. Sh. Kamaljeet Singh, ASP(D), ND South Dn. is posted as ASP(HQ), Airmail Stg Dn. against vacant post.
5. Sh. Abhishek Sarkar, IP RMS Bhawan (Att. with BD Cell, CO) is posted as  IP(D) ND Central Dn vice Sh. Dharmender KUmar Khatri promoted as ASP(Adhoc).
6. Sh. Ram Ashray Choudhary , IP(PG), ND GPO is posted as IP, !st Sub Dn. ND Central Dn vice Sh. B. B Arya promoted as ASP( Adhoc).

                                                            PART-B (Adhoc Promotion)
The competent authority orders the promotion of the following Inspectors Posts in ASP cadre on purely temporary and adhoc basis and post them as under in Level 8 of Pay Matrix for a period of not more than one year or till regular incumbents join whichever is earlier:-

1. Sh. B.B.Arya, IP 1st Sub Dn, ND Central Dn is posted as  ASP, 2nd Sub Dn, Delhi East Dn  against vacant post.
2. Sh. Dharmender Kumar Khatri, IP(D), ND Central Dn is posted as  ASP(HQ) ND Central Dn. against vacant post.
3. Ms Sushil Bharti, IP(PG) Fgn. Post is posted as  ASP(HQ) Delhi East Dn. against vacant post.
4. Ms Manmeet Kaur, IP(PG-II), ND West Dn, is posted as  ASP(D) ND South Dn. vice Sh. Kamaljeet Singh transferred.
5. Sh. Sandeep Kumar, IP(PG-II) Delhi North Dn. is posted as  ASP 2nd Sub Dn Delhi North Dn. against vacant post.
6. Sh. Amit Thakur, IP,SD Stg/3( APSO/3) Att. with FS Sec, CO is posted as  ASP(FS) CO against vacant post.

Source: Circle office memo no. Staff/BB-5/T&P/ASP/2014 dated 23-09-2016

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